Raw, Real and Unafraid. 


Only those who have been there understand the complications of standing side by side, doing the work of the ministry with your spouse. You are husband and wife. Co-founder. Apostles of the work. Leaders of the team and best friends.

Heaven on earth or a recipe for disaster? Dare we say a little bit of both? Since 1999 we have been in the work of the ministry together. Having 4 natural children and umpteen spiritual ones, things can get... complicated. We soon learned the importance of "swapping hats" understanding our individual mandates as apostles and ... what our temperaments were. So we bring to you, not a perfect picture, but a reality steeped in a life of hard knocks. Do we have all the answers? Hardly! However what we can do is assist you on the journey God has you on right now. 

Personal Life


If you have read my books, then you know who I am and my ministry journey. If not, let me see if I can sum it up for you. Firstly, I do not take myself very seriously am not easily offended (unless you come for one of my kids) and Jesus Christ is the center of my being.

Keeping me stable is my incredible husband Craig Toach. We have been to hell and back more than once in our marriage and we are not afraid to be real concerning the struggles of being apostles, parents and still trying to have a passionate marriage. I do not sugarcoat my convictions and am the first to admit that my greatest struggle along this journey has been between being the mother I need to be, the wife I want to be and the apostle I am called to be.

I like to post pictures that are not too serious, because I can be way too intense sometimes and the Lord knows I need Craig to keep me loose and grounded. My favorite time of day is to dance and cook in the kitchen with my natural and spiritual daughters.

I have three natural daughters and a son. My eldest daughters both married in 2017, giving Craig and I two incredible sons to add to our hearts.


Deborah-Anne Velthuysen is now married to Michael Velthuysen and together they lead our Prophetic Training School. Jessica Toach, now married to Austin Toach share the load of AMI Bookshop and while Jessica is our lead graphic’s designer, Austin balances our books. Together they function as pastors at Global Ministry Resources in California.

Rebekah Toach, who is in a serious relationship at present is my right hand and personal assistant. With a business call and the voice of an angel, you will see her up front during seminars praising prophetically. My youngest, Michael - has his mother’s impatience and his father’s personality. He has a passion for the Word and takes me to school with his childlike simplicity.

The greatest honor I have is to have my children serve with Craig and I in the work. We are watching their journey and look forward to where the Lord will lead them next and what foundations they will lay on their own!

Spiritual Family Life


Although I am a ministry trainer and an author, I am a wife first and mother second. This includes the spiritual children that the Lord has brought me. When I received my personal encounter with the Lord Jesus and He called me to be an apostle, He said to me, “Colette, I have called you to love my people.” I said, “Lord you have the wrong address!”

My heart had a nice protection of stone on it at the time, stemming from my upbringing. From that moment though, the Lord began melting that heart and put His children into it. Make no mistake - spiritual parenting is not a career choice - its a mandate and call. There is no way that I can boast that I love like I do just because “I am a good person.” No, the Lord put each and every one of these spiritual kids into my heart.


Its a supernatural connection that makes me wake up in the night wondering how they are doing and praying in the middle of the day because I just feel like something is wrong. They are my joy and indeed have been the very hand of God to shape me who I am today. Our first spiritual children are Thomas and Rahel Faes. Followed by Ronald and Denise Jordan. Following suit is Nathan and Chaifa Berry, Philip and Anja Sager, Ueli and Esther Schaer, Anne Chen, Kelly and Sarah Dusek, Christof and Anja Schmidt and Dalton Beckering. I do not have space to list all our spiritual children that are connected to us and involved in their own ministries. (You know who you are!).

Although Craig and I have parented and trained each one of these, what received in return is beyond words. A spiritual connection and relationship whereby we continue to drive the apostolic vision forward. We are often spread all over the world, but our heart stay connected!

Ministry Life

Our mandate is to set the church as a city on a hill. To equip and train God's leaders to take their place. In essence, our mandate is to help you fulfill yours. With a full training mechanism for the fivefold ministry and profound foundation principles for the Christian life, we have an inheritance for the Body of Christ.

Our journey began when we boarded a plane in 1998 with, our then, two small daughters. Waving goodbye to our country, South Africa, we began our 24-hour journey. Six suitcases, two kids and with a fire for God, we entered into full-time ministry in Mexico. A time of training and foundation laying started the moment our feet hit Mexican soil.

It did not take long for us to see that the Lord had a much larger vision than we first realized. The Lord began giving us a revelation of the Fivefold Ministry and before long our training mechanism began taking shape. There were many other detours along the way, one which sent us to Switzerland for a number of years, where we found some of the mighty warriors that are still with us today.

The Lord added yet two more children to us, making us the proud parents of four children.

It was May of 1999 and we were walking the beach in Rosarito, Mexico. We were talking about the future of the ministry and the vision came to me, “What if we started an online prophetic school.” Now today there are prophetic schools everywhere, but back then we had hard ground to break.

Moving forward to 2000… I was the kind of person who enjoyed to break ground, surrounded by hard work, drama and impossible tasks. It was as I was breaking ground and mentoring those God brought to me that I started putting resources together. I could make this very spiritual, but the truth is… I do not like to repeat myself. After teaching the same thing to a new spiritual child, I realized that if I wrote a book, I could just tell them to read it instead of re-teaching everything again. And so my first book The Way of Dreams and Visions was born in 2000. From there the prophetic heart in me exploded with a personal journey for all prophets in Practical Prophetic Ministry.

Something started turning that took us on the course we find ourselves on today. Everything I knew began to change.

Our little school was born and God brought us believers from all over the world. We held our first prophetic conference in Mexico later that year. From there the doors opened to the United States and Switzerland. I did not know it back then, but the personality of my apostolic call was beginning to take shape.

No matter where we went though, the Lord gathered many mighty warriors to us. Our journey towards spiritual parenting was not one we had planned. I saw others go through that process and I was not keen to jump into that fray. The Lord won out though and before long He was literally placing them on our doorstep.

Now keep in mind that Craig and I are not “half measure” people. When we took on a spiritual child, this involved bringing them into our homes. Feeding them, clothing them and taking care of all their needs. We did so at our own expense using any finances we got through the sale of my books and courses.

Together we have raised up and imparted to some of the most incredible spiritual warriors! As the Lord continues to add new ones to us, the ones that came at the beginning have moved on to take up positions in their own ministry or start new divisions of our ministry.

Apostolic Movement international

When the Lord started opening the doors for us, we asked ourselves, “Could we, just small timers from South Africa truly be called to change the world?”

Well the Lord calls the weak and foolish and we surely qualified. We did the only thing we knew... we just walked in obedience. When God said left, we turned. When He said stop, we put on the brakes. We look up today and see the map we have forged through the years and stand in awe of what God has done. Mexico is still very much our home, but from there we have helped establish a long-standing ministry center (Global Ministry Resources) in San Diego that is a bustle of activity, run by Apostles Nathan and Chaifa Berry.

In 2013 A.M.I founded our first ministry center in South Africa and each year it has doubled in growth and influence. Apostles Philip and Anja Sager oversee its growth.

In 2015 the Lord opened the doors for us once again in Switzerland, Berne and we are very proud to work with the pastors of that work Ueli and Esther Schaer who reach into the community and invest countless hours in one on one ministry in mentorship and pastoring God’s leaders.

At present the Lord has us traveling internationally to declare the truth of what God is doing in His church. We come with a message, "The rain is coming! Get ready!" Training up the fivefold ministry, mentoring the leaders and setting the apostles in place, the influence we have in the Church expands daily.

Today Apostolic Movement International stands in the fullness of everything God taught us since 1998. We present a host of resources for churches and individuals to use towards their calling. Workshops, seminars, fivefold ministry online schools and live training are a daily occurrence. Our greatest accomplishment though is not the host of schools, teachings and books we have published - but the lives we have invested into.

Our origin story is not one that ends, because the greatest inheritance Craig and I have are our spiritual children and disciples. Only they know the hours we have personally invested into their lives. Only they know the true work we have done.

Many judge you by the size of your lists and success of your conferences. I hold up the lives of our children and disciples as our fruit.

They are the ones that will take this message to the next generation and our greatest prayer is that they will do so by surpassing us in both anointing and deed.

Your success does not depend on who you know - it depends on who you are and the vessel you are prepared you to be.
— Colette Toach

Fun Facts!

  • Colette Toach grew up in the work of the ministry and preached her first message at the age of 13.

  • In 1998 Craig and Colette left South Africa to Mexico to start the work of the ministry.

  • During Apostles Craig and Colette's first trip to Mexico. They embarked on their 24 hour flight with their first two oldest daughters (their ages were one and two at the time).

  • Colette Toach's first book to be written and released was the Way of Dreams and Visions in 2000.

  • During the writing of Colette Toach's second book the Practical Prophetic Ministry, Colette gave birth and was breast feeding her third daughter Rebekah.

  • In 2013 A.M.I founded their first ministry center in South Africa.

  • In 2015 the Lord opened the doors for A.M.I to begin a second ministry center in Switzerland.

  • Craig and Colette were instrumental in introducing Thomas and Rahel Faes to one another.

  • Nathan and Chaifa Berry met through Apostolic Movement International