With the launch of our first prophetic school in 1999, we started answering this question for thousands all over the world and now, we are here to answer it for you. 

Let us say this - the road you have walked was not a road of chance. The Lord has you in the palm of your hand. You are not forgotten, but indeed you have been called for such a time as this. Through mentorship, spiritual parenting, training, teaching and apostolic impartation, our part in the Church is specific - let's find out what God has called you to do. Then let us equip you to get that job done.

Alongside our incredible fivefold ministry team, we stand ready to help you along the next step of your journey. Visit our ministry headquarter site (Apostolic Movement International) to see where you can get hooked up!

Our Mandate In a Nutshell: My call is to help you fulfill yours.

We fulfill this mandate using many different vehicles. You can read more on that in What We Do 

Love Gift

Your giving allows Craig and I to train up, parent and mentor hidden leaders all over the world. Our premise is this - when we take on a team member or a spiritual child, we take on the responsibility of their care also. Fortunately some of that support comes through the sale of our courses and books. The rest we bring from any personal income we receive from people like you who share our heart and vision.