Parenting, Discipling and Equipping the New Generation. 

Having left our home country, South Africa in 1998, Craig and I have been on a journey that is not unfamiliar to any called to the apostolic office.

"Give up your country, family, favorite foods and go to a place you do not know." Our first stop was to Mexico and since then the Lord has used us in nations all over the world. Working hand in hand with apostles and other fivefold ministers all over the world, our main connections are in San Diego (USA), Johannesburg (South Africa) and Berne (Switzerland.) 


Our teachings and ministry do not come from having had things dropped into our laps. Rather, each one has been learned through the fire of experience, failure, followed by success. 

Let it not be said that I, "Was born, wrote some books and died." Rather we pray our inheritance remains in those we mentor and impart everything we have into. Whether you are a student of one of our live and online schools, a partner, associate ministry or spiritual child... our greatest joy is that we all get to walk this road together, to establish the Church as a city on the hill.


We get it, you want to figure out what we are about in a safe environment... feel free to browse and come to your own conclusions!

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Join Me in the kitchen!

Craig and I look forward to keeping in touch with you, so please go ahead and subscribe to “The Apostle’s Kitchen” to keep in touch. I’m not sure about your home, but in ours, everything happens in the kitchen! Since we were married, Craig and I invited our spiritual children to live with us. So it is no surprise that everything happens in the heart of the home. I have preached, ministered deliverance and inner healing with a bamboo spoon in my hand. (It doesn’t get more real than this y’all!)


Our mandate is simple: To help you fulfill yours. The longest part of our journey is discovering our part in the body of Christ. What is my function? Where is God leading me. Above all, what do I do now...

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